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23 October 2010

Figure highlights

19 October 2010

Commie Peanut

Translation: "Speak to the Fascists in the language of fire!"
We needed to redesign our disturbed circus character in the motif of "Soviet". Since mine was a peanut, I wasn't sure how to incorperate the theme of Soviet in very smoothly, so since he was a zombie already, I went with infantry drone.
This was made using tech pens and prisma color markers.

16 October 2010

Figure highlights

Here are my favorite drawings from this week. They're not perfect, but each one has something that I really liked.

Zombie Peanut

For "disturbed circus", I decided to go with a zombie peanut. Here's the earliest drawing down to the latest.

Disturbed Circus

Our assignment was to come up with a character in the theme of "disturbed circus". Here's some early concept ideas.

Oliver! at the Candlelight

Here's the video I made for the Candlelight Dinner Playhouse. We had only about a week to put it all together. All said and done, I think it turned out alright. I'm looking forward to doing the video for the Will Rogers Follies this Christmas.

I was responsible for writing, directing, interviewing, shooting the coverage footage, editing and creating the motion graphics. Jacob filmed, lit, and colored in post.

Library Databases Videos

Here's the latest campaign that I did at work. The videos are meant to highlight the credibility of the online databases that the library offers. We had fun making these and trying to make the style.

I was responsible for directing, casting, editing and creating the motion graphics. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.

Library Databases | YouTube Kid

Library Databases | The Card Reader

Library Databases | The Used Car Salesman

07 October 2010

Me and my imaginary friend

We had the assignment to draw a picture of us and our imaginary friend at age 5. I had a toy that was bird with a long neck. So I thought I play that angle up a little bit. This was made using tech pens and prismacolor markers. Photoshop was not used.