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17 December 2011

Glitter Breakdown

Here's the shot breakdown for the smoking spot.  We used Houdini and Nuke for the project.

16 December 2011

Glitter Ad

Here's the final for my shader class.  Me and my friend Ethan Estrada collaborated to make this.  He did the effects simulations.  I was responsible for 3D tracking and camera creation along with color correction and compositing.  Ethan used Houdini and I used Nuke.  This spot was written by Summer Holm, Kylie Cox and Kristin Scharf from the advertising program.  It was directed by Andy Brimhall and shot by Casey Wilson, both film students here at BYU.

13 December 2011


Here are the final tests for the warrior I worked on this summer.

This first shows off the blend shapes.

This second shows a simple animation with him.

12 December 2011

Here's a spec ad for reebok.  We hope to make the project Fall of 2012.

07 December 2011

RSL Brick Code

These are 4 samples of different looks created with a brick RSL shader that I wrote.  RSL stands for renderman shading language.  It's a way to write shaders out as code that can then be modified to create the desired look.  I'll post the code soon too.

06 December 2011


Here's my test render for the other scene.  There's a lot of things still not working right conceptually, but that's what a test render is for.  Let me know what could be better.

05 December 2011


Here's a test render of my second image in my still life series.  First still to come.  This might end up being my final one.  I kind of like where it's going.