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18 October 2011

Earth Zoom test

Here's a test shot I'm working on for the film "Estefan".  It's still pretty rough, but let me know of anything you think should be improved.

11 October 2011

Bust test

Here's a quick render of the bust for my still life.  There's still a lot to fix and make better, but I think it's going in a good direction.  Critiques are helpful.

Warrior Vector Displaced

Here is a progress shot of the warrior.  I had a breakthrough this weekend.  I got mudbox to export out sculpt layers as blend shapes in Maya.  The result of this will be a very high level of detail at a very low polygon cost.  I have the face blends shapes done and am taking time this week to add muscle blend shapes.  Here's a shot of him with what I have so far of his costume.  This is rendered in Maya through mental ray with a vector displacement map.