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24 September 2011

Warrior Turnaround

Here's a turnaround for the current state of my warrior.  I still need to model the jaguar head to go on him, but we're getting there.

Candlestick WIP

So, this is very much a work in progess, more so than I would usually post, but it's exciting because I got vector displacement maps to transfer seamlessly between mudbox and maya and really wanted to share.

The map I'm referring to is what is making all of the fine detail on the candlestick.  You can see that the base and legs don't have any "sculpting" on them yet.  When it's done, the whole thing will be sculpted.  For now though, you can see how awesome these maps are by looking at the detail on the handle.

More to come.

22 September 2011


Here's a hammer that I made for my still life.  I'll probably put two or three hammers in -- I'll just change them a little bit so they look different.  This is also WIP, so any critiques would be helpful.

Fruit WIP

Here's the lemon that I programmed in slim for my shader class.  It's still in progres -- but I like the direction.

18 September 2011


I'm designing a sculptor's bench right now for my 3D modeling class.  Here's the first render of one of the tools that will be featured in the picture.  More to come.

Warrior Turnaround

Here's the design for the warrior I'm building.  Painted and unpainted.  As you can see -- no face yet.  We're getting there though.  Check back for updates.

06 September 2011

Warrior Concept

For my 3D animation class, we're to design and make a character this semester.  Here's the concept art I did for this character.  He's a warrior from a much bigger story that I'll get around to putting down someday.

3D Anim Test

For my 3D animation class, we were commissed to do forward jump to show we can animate.  Here's the jump that I animated.

3D Fruit Concept

For my shader class we're doing fruit this semester.  I'm drawing inspiration from a series done in the seventies called incredible edibles.  When I have those photos, I'll post them for you to see.  They're actually really cool.  I'm starting by making a lemon.  Here's the concept art I did for it.  I'm no good at digital painting, but I made a valiant effort.