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24 March 2011


This week we were supposed to find an image and draw it 5 times.  Once realistically and 4 times caricatured.  Here are the full peices with a couple of enlarged pictures of my more favorite parts.

I really like caricatures a lot.  And it find it to be easier to make something look 3 dimensional when I'm doing it cartoony.  I wonder if that's typical or not.

Oh yeah.  And yes -- that is Hitler.  We were supposed to pick one male and one female.  And there was no rule against tyrannical nahtzees.  So I went with it.  He has a face, just like everyone else.

The female is for all those nerds out there.  For Narnia.

3 Point Perspective

Here's a 3 point perspective drawing I did for Joe's class.  I wish I could have spent more time on the markers, but I'm mostly happy with the line work.  Not perfect -- but getting closer.  I think there's something beautifully tragic about the entire gothic style.

This was made with tech pens and prismacolor markers.  And little magic from Photoshop.

07 March 2011

Demo Reel


It has been quite a while since I did a sketchbook update.  Here are randomly selected drawings.