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24 March 2011


This week we were supposed to find an image and draw it 5 times.  Once realistically and 4 times caricatured.  Here are the full peices with a couple of enlarged pictures of my more favorite parts.

I really like caricatures a lot.  And it find it to be easier to make something look 3 dimensional when I'm doing it cartoony.  I wonder if that's typical or not.

Oh yeah.  And yes -- that is Hitler.  We were supposed to pick one male and one female.  And there was no rule against tyrannical nahtzees.  So I went with it.  He has a face, just like everyone else.

The female is for all those nerds out there.  For Narnia.

1 comment:

  1. Dan you have some pretty cool stuff on here! P.S. this is Tiff even though it thinks I'm Rick :)